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Leslie Williamson
Director & Senior Lecturer

After 20 years of Lecturing for the NCTM, Leslie Williamson has made the move up to owner/director of the business she has been so passionate about for so many years. Leslie is still lecturing and intends to develop a variety of course upgrades and new guest speakers to ensure our students who graduate from the NCTM, are the standouts within the Equine and Companion Pets industry. Being a qualified saddle specialist and fitter, Leslie brings this knowledge to the Equine courses to further the students knowledge on Equine muscular-skeletal dysfunction and biomechanics’. Her passion is as strong now in helping humans, to help animals as it was in her humble beginnings. This is certainly exciting times ahead for the NCTM and the world of Equine and Companion Pets.

Ashlie Williamson
NCTM College Manager and Lecturer

Ashlie Williamson became College Manager of the NCTM in 2016.
Ashlie has a degree in Environmental Science and Biology, majoring in animal sciences bringing to the College the true knowledge of assessing each species as a whole, from a biological specific stand point. Understanding the Anatomy and Physiology of animals is of the utmost of importance, when considering what the species needs to not just survive but thrive. Her passion for the origins of plant life and the role they have played in the development of modern medicine as we know today shines through in her work. Through further study and research of herbal medicine, Ashlie is keen to see this pathway grow not just for equine and companion pets, but to include native flora and fauna.

Dr Sandi Rogers
Founder of the NCTM

Dr Sandi Rogers the founder of the National College of Traditional Medicine is a qualified Medical Herbalist, Naturopath and Massage Clinician, Reflexognosist, Lecturer and has a Doctorate in Education and Training. Having published many papers and authored books on complementary medicine, Sandi is also a corporate speaker with engagements both nationally and internationally. The NCTM is still the ‘Natural Choice’ when it comes to Natural Medicine courses for equine and companion pets.

Megan Cooper
Equine Lecturer

Dr Bruce syme
Guest Speaker

Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt
Guest Speaker

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