Certificate in Pasture Management


Pastures play an important role in the life and management of Australian horses. A well-managed pasture is a highly valuable source of nutrition as well as a safe place for exercise. Unfortunately, many Australian horse pastures are of poor quality, being overstocked, and infested with weeds and internal parasites.

A pasture is defined as a plant community which is grazed by livestock. Plants involved need to compete for light, water and nutrients, and also needed to withstand varying degrees of defoliation and trampling if they are to survive.

Plants are in a pasture to provide forage and the productivity of the plants, the seasonal distribution of the production and its quality; all have significant influence on livestock.

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Subjects covered in the certificate are:

  • Introduction to pastures
  • Horse pastures
  • Weeds

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Course Information

Investment: $1,495 - Current course special - Receive 50% off when you Enrol in the Practising Certificate in Equine Nutrition
Payment Plan: 30% deposit, add 15% administration
Course Dates: Course Commences on Enrolment
Course Duration: Course is to be completed within 12 months part time from commencement date
Delivery Mode: Distance Education
Prerequisites:  There are no prerequisites for this course
Assessment: Ten (10) assignments including Two (2) herbariums
Course Materials All course materials are included in the course
Accreditation:   Graduates are eligible to join the Small Animal and Equine Naturopathic Association as a full member