Practising Certificate in Nutrition for Companion Pets

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The Practising Certificate in Nutrition for Companion Pets has been written in conjunction with leading Veterinarians who are paving the way to dissolve the myths of modern advertising and aid in preventing unnecessary modern diseases that are now just so prevalent. This course gives you a firm understanding of canine & feline nutrition as it pertains to various stages of their life, this is of course vital for them to survive and thrive at what should be their ‘evolutional’ best. The information contained in this course will assist you with your choice of meeting the special nutritional needs that is essential as a species-specific diet for dogs and cats on an individual basis and to start your very own practice.

Subjects covered in the certificate are:

  • Introduction to species-specific appropriate nutrition
  • Commercial pet food
  • What is in pet food
  • Feeding bones
  • Feeding muscle meat and organ meat
  • Green leafy vegetable and fruit
  • Cereals and grains
  • Dairy products, eggs, and table scraps
  • Useful additives
  • Pregnancy, puppies and kittens
  • From adulthood and beyond
  • Protecting your pet: dangerous foods and chocolate toxicity
  • Nutritional Case Reports to form a clinical hours logbook
  • Research project
  • Business portfolio

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Course Information

Investment: $1,995 - Contact us for a course guide
Payment Plan: 30% deposit add 10% administration and balance paid over 4 months
Course Dates: Course Commences On Enrolment.
Course Duration: Course is to be completed within 18 months part time from commencement date
Delivery Mode: Distance education with an assigned tutor support
Prerequisites:  There are no prerequisites for this course
Assessment: Twelve (12) assignments, research project, nutrition case records and business portfolio
Course Materials All course materials are included
Accreditation:   Graduates are eligible to join the Small Animal and Equine Naturopathic Association as a full member