Practising Certificate in Herbal Medicine for Companion Pets

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Herbal Medicine for Companion Pets provides the student with the:

  • Information to build professional credibility for herbal medicine as it should be applied in clinical practice.
  • Information in order to comprehend the safety and efficacy of herbal medicine, the identification, actions, constituents, indications, contraindications and combinations are detailed.
  • Understanding of the active chemistry associated with plant medicine and the Pharmockinetics associated that may influence the actives both negatively and positively.

Subjects covered in the Certificate are:

  • History of Herbal Medicine
  • Why herbs cure
  • Signature of plants
  • Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy
  • Active plant constituents
  • Therapeutic actions of herbs
  • Herbal preparations
  • Physiomedical Philosophy (Samuel Thomson)
  • Materia Medica
  • Herbarium
  • Nutritional Aspects of Herbal Medicine
  • Basics of Physiology
  • Case Records
  • Business
  • Research Paper

Booking Options:

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Course Information

Investment: $1,995 paid upfront or payment plan available. Current 2017 Course Special - Receive Manufacturing and Dispensing of Herbal Medicine for Free (RRP $730.00)
Payment Plan: 30% deposit add 15% administration and balance paid over 5 months
Course Dates: Course start date is upon Enrolment,
Course Duration: Course is to be completed within 18 months part time of commencement date
Delivery Mode: Distance Education
Prerequisites:  There are no course prerequisites
Assessment: Fifteen (15) Units including Herbarium & a Materia Medica
Course Materials All course materials are included
Accreditation:   Graduates are eligible to join the Small Animal and Equine Naturopathic Association as a full member