“The course was more than what I was expecting. The material was very informative. It was great meeting new people and spending the time bonding with my dog.”
– Kristy Barrett, Mawson Lakes

“Sandra’s workshop was a wonderful experience, highlighting answers that I had not been asking the
questions for!”

– Michael, Law Courts

“Exceeded expectations.”
– Jeff, Werribee

“The course was much more comprehensive than I thought it would be. Filled with enthusiasm to pursue career! It was a great location and a knowledgeable lecturer who created challenge in a supportive environment.
This course is a comprehensive grounding for those wishing to enter this field. Facilities were superb and teaching staff provided a supportive environment with you success in mind. ”
– Mary, Arana Hills

“What an experience. The lecturer’s knowledge and expertise made the learning experience comfortable and fun. I met lots of great people.”
– Rose, Bexley, NSW

“The course was thorough and informative. Coming from a human massage background and having had converted to canine massage I wanted to know I was doing the ‘right’ thing in the tactile aspect and to have a much better understanding of muscles and report writing. I was blown away by the content of the course. It was exactly what I desired and needed.”
– Julie, Stakehill, WA


“This course gave me the opportunity to work in an industry that I love, and to have the respect of the community for my expertise.”

– Kerryann, Toowoomba

“The course met my expectations plus more. The course material (workbook and in class) was all very informative and knowing there is help just a phone call away is very reassuring.”
-Roslyn, Ryde NSW

“I am so happy with the NCTM. After studying for a year through a different establishment I was so disappointed by the un-professionalism and what happened through that school, but there is no way that I will let what happened to me stop me doing what I really want to do with my life and career. After speaking with a few people who studied through your school are now practicing., I heard the most glowing reports and went in to see Lisa. It has exceeded my expectations and I have nothing but support and great experiences and am enjoying the course material and advise so much!”
– Lee, VIC

“Thank you for putting together a wonderful course. It has been a very rewarding, challenging and wonderful experience. I must say that it has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I feel that the learning experience is never ending in this subject. I look forward to completing the other courses within the equine naturopathy diploma.”
– Trish, VIC

“The EMT course has certainly met with my expectations and more. The venues and lecturers are fantastic. NCTM is a wonderful college and makes you feel part of the family. Having not been to school for 13 years and the comfort I have with the college, I will be back for more. “
– Gary, Port Melbourne VIC

“I was pleased with the way it is tailored to adult learning. The pace was great as well as the good interaction between the students and teachers.”
– Ana, Burnside VIC

“The course is teaching me a lot. I am amazed that i’m finding learning so much fun. I love all the lecturers as they encourage me to learn at my own pace and do not pressure or look down upon me. Everyone is so nice and helpful. They also seem to know what they are talking about and have a fantastic approach to teaching us, the students this knowledge.” 
– Elise, VIC

“I did the course as a refresher course – having completed it back in 2001. Due to chronic illness I lost touch, confidence and passion for most things. Attending the QLD course offered me the chance to explore myself again. It was a great experience.”

“Learning at the NCTM has been fantastic. The smaller classes made learning a personal experience and allows you to grasp the tasks at hand and really understand the subjects. Also relationships built with teachers and students makes NCTM a comfortable, friendly, fun environment in which to learn. NCTM also offers a wide selection of courses to expand you knowledge.”
-Frank, NSW

“Great learning environment with small classes, great support from lecturers, knowledgeable lecturers, great set up of folders / books etc are ery relevant, great leadership from Sandi.”
– Simone, QLD

“I have found this course to be of a very high standard and the information is very informative and the tutors at this college are of a very high standard.”
– Margaret, Sunshine VIC

“Thanks Sandi for sharing your extensive understanding and knowledge in such an interesting and inspiring way.”
– Margaret, New Gisborne VIC

“Having a strong interest in the soft tissue disorders of the thoroughbreds I decided to take on this course, on completion of the course I have found now that I look at the horse moving very differently as I have a firm knowledge of what is happening underneath the skin. 

From a thoroughbred prospective I would highly recommend this course to anyone in racing from trainers to stable foremen or anyone interested as to why horses become sore in training, I think the advantage of becoming an Equine Myofunctional Therapist as a trainer or stable foreman is that you have the advantage of picking up a lot of common problems with horses very early which I think is a professional advantage to have in a training stable. “
– Shane, NSW

“The NCTM offered me help and support when I was completing my studies. After experiencing the high standards set by the college I decided to continue studying, completing my Equine Naturopathy Diploma. I am now enjoying a very satisfying and rewarding career.”
– Sue, Woori Yallock VIC

“I never realized how detailed the course was. It made me more aware of the importance of massage and how muscles work. This is an excellent course; the lecturer and people were so helpful and friendly. IT is more detailed than I expected”
– Irene, Malaysia

“….thank you for the opportunity to have a look at the information in the SAJ program. Working in the the teaching and learning sector exposes me to many resources, I find the standard of work and resources provided by your college to be excellent.”
– Amanda, Moonbi NSW