Adult learning: top 5 problems and solutions

Do you have fears about adult learning? Are they stopping you from fulfilling your dreams and passions because of past learning experiences?

We have developed a list of the perceived problems associated with adult learning, from the many people calling our office. These are some of the problems prospective adult learners feel they may face as they start to think about returning to study. Although people of all ages ranging from early 20’s to mid 80’s enrol in our courses, it is the folk who are over 50’s who feel they face the most problems, even when just thinking about doing a course.

Many have vivid memories about primary school and can relay their feelings as if it were yesterday. One lady, Nancy, stated that she felt she has been held back her entire life, due to her experiences at primary school. On the other hand John, who is in his early 60’s felt it was secondary school that convinced him he was not clever enough to go ahead to University and settled for a trade where he felt confident using his hands.

These are but two of the many similar stories that form the five problems and 5 solutions list to demonstrate to any of you budding students, that this is the era for achieving, for everyone to be fantastic learners. That’s why our motto is working in partnership to achieve your goals. We can help you overcome these challenges and be the best student you can be. Let us take a look at the common problems and their solutions.

1. At primary school I was always told I was never any good at writing. I did not ‘get it’.’

Thankfully we have a great Adult Learner support CD and workbook plus a webinar that takes you step by step in the learning process. In addition to this we are developing a blog that will also guide you with really easy steps using examples you will be able to apply to your assignment. If that is not enough we also allocate you a tutor who will be there to support you.

2. As a student I did not feel I ever fitted in; I was always different

Well you may just be a leader as 1% of the worlds’ population are leaders while 99% are followers. We encourage you to be different and enjoy the journey into lifelong learning.

3. As a student I did not feel as clever as the other kids, I would usually just scrape through with my grades.

Well in this day and age you do not fail. We are there to teach, guide, support, nurture and really care about you. If you have the passion and love for the subject you will excel.

4. As an adult learner I have a very busy lifestyle and may not have the time to study.

Now here we have to take a few guiding steps to help you. You see everyone on this planet has 86.400 seconds each and every day. If you have your day packed with THINGS then something will simply have to go. Again in our Adult Learner Study Guide we have information to assist you. Analyse what can you take out of your life and then insert your priorities. Too often we time waste on not too much of the important things and less on the important. 86.400 seconds divided up into bite sized, constructive chunks is the beginning to set the scene to achieve your goals.

5. I am not very computer literate and feel out of my depth over and above anything more than basic things.

Basic is good. Simply a computer connected to the internet, a couple of fingers to tap away, head set to listen to webinars, really easy instructions to link in and all is well. You can listen to the webinar in your own time, we even allow a whole month to make sure you have the time to do that. Although assignments are to be sent via email guidance is offered to make sure you are familiar with the process.

Now the five main problems have solutions attached, learning can be fun and exciting. website hosting information domain name appraisal free This should find you achieving your goals and wanting to learn more; becoming an eager, excited and academically stimulated lifelong learner. Whether you join us or another training facility, the main thing is to be encouraged to make the decision to jump in and never ever stop learning.

Enjoy the challenge, find your passion and live it!